Steam Toys

Steam Models

Here are my Mamod Steam Engines.


Listed in order they came into my care.


However the first one is the one I do not have any longer.




Mamod steam train


This train is supplied with a track that is in a loop that measures about 8ft x 6ft.


It has some wagons with it. One of which has some cargo in it.


Pic of steam train:


steam train




Road roller


This is my first model that was bought in 1972.


It has been used quite a few times over the years.


Still working well.


It has a black fire box, a green boiler and red wheel centres.


Pic of steam roller:


steam roller




Showman’s engine


Sandra bought me this not long after we met.


It has a fully working dynamo, so the lights hung from the canopy do light up.


Has been fired just a few times.


A white roof yellow wheels and a black smoke stack.


Pic of showman’s engine:


showman's engine




Fire engine


This was bought as a kit to build yourself.


Never fired.


A red engine and wheels with a removable silver extending ladder and brass bell.


Pic of fire engine:


fire engine




A silver limo


I was told that it has not been fired by the person I got it from but cannot say for sure.


It has a silver body and wheels, with a black roof and seats.


Pic of silver limo:


silver limo




Blue wagon – lorry


Like the one above cannot say for sure if this has been fired.


It has a blue body, red wheels and a white roof.


The back of the lorry tips to shed its load.


Pic of blue lorry:


blue lorry






Just like the road roller above with a green boiler and black fire box but this has two wheels at the front.


The road roller has one wide wheel


Pic of tractor:






Delivery van


Blue delivery van that has gold lettering on its side (Mamod Steam Wagon), with opening rear doors.


Pic of delivery van:


mamod blue delivery van




Green steam London Bus


Pic of Mamod London Bus: