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Welcome to my collections website.


Just like many other people I have had many collections in my life, but never had anywhere to display them so more than close friends and family can view what I keep spending money on.


I have decided to try and put them on the web so others have the opportunity to see them.


My main collections are;


Novelty memory sticks


Here is a photo of the Eiffel Tower, Union Jack and the Statue of Liberty:

just 3 from my collection of over 170 and still buying.

Eiffel Tower, Union Jack and the Statue of Liberty memory sticks


Steam Toys


Now we have a photo of my 1972 Mamod steam roller:

a black smoke stack, green boiler and red wheel centres.

Mamod Steam Roller pic


Here is Sandra’s collection of miniature shoes.


And a collection of Braille writing machines


This is an Erika Picht Brailler:

a red base board, a black machine with white keys.

Erika Picht pic


Other miscellaneous items will be posted here


I will also try to include links to YouTube when it is appropriate.

But for now have a look at this video.



You may like to also view my main site that is dedicated to supporting visually impaired people.


This is the logo for this site:

It is a blue logo with an eye in the centre and the word eye above and below is the word can, and a round border around the whole thing.

Eyecan Logo



You can email me at

or phone 07961 406739




At the moment I am having to rebuild this site as it was hacked a short while back.

Please call back to see it develop.