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JUNIOR Fairground Organ

This organ is powered by a windbox and valve mechanism that supplies 61 church organ pipes made from wood and metal.

The church pipes originate from a 150 year old church organ that was removed from a chapel in Colwyn Bay, Wales, UK.

The organ is powered by wind alone and not by CD or tapes.

Traditionally organs of this type had folded cardboard books fed through them to open and close the valves that produce the music. This organ uses a computer SD card reader to do this, ensuring that the music is continuous and remains of a high quality without the need to replace music books.

A wide selection of music can be played on this instrument.

Photo of organ centre from the left:

photo of organ centre from the left

Photo of Carousel Horse:

photo of carousel horse

Central right hand view of pipes and horse:

photo of carousel horse

View of pipes and carvings:

view of pipes and carvings

Photo of the organ from the left:

photo of the organ from the left

Top board showing name JUNIOR: