Boats and Cars.


This time I am going to post some of my other dust collecting bits and pieces.




Boats, cars and other things.






To start I have 2 narrow boat models.


The original of these are approximately 70 feet long and 7 feet wide. Both are styled on the traditional narrow boat.
One is set out as a living boat and the second is a working style boat.


Pic of living boat:


living boat


Pic of working boat:


working boat




For a number of years I lived and worked on the canals of England, Wales and Ireland.
Although the boat I lived on was not full length it was suitable for my needs.




This is a model of a 3 massed sailing ship. The Flying Cloud, one of the many Clipper ships from the 1800’s.
This was bought for me by my daughter when she was 3 or 4 years old.
This is most certainly a dust magnet, it always brings back long past memories.


Pic of The Flying Cloud: 
the flying cloud




This next one is a picture of my old land rover.
This was stolen from our back yard.
It was one of only six built in this design, which was a compressor truck.
The power take off was used to drive a compressor mounted under the floor, there were two air taps which powered heavy duty tools, used for part of her life as a site maintenance vehicle and later used to pile drive on the canals.
When I first received her, she was in a very poor state so I completely dismantled and rebuilt her.
Was later used in a garage where the compressor was used for tyre changing and many other tasks in a small workshop.
She was originally blue and ivory however for most of the time she was red and ivory.


Pic of land rover 109:


land rover 109




I have a love of old time fairground rides.
For a short time I worked on a travelling fair.
We had old time rides such as steam gallopers, and chair-o-planes.


So here is my working model of a set of swing boats, these are powered from my steam models.
Pic of wielesco swing boat:


wielesco swing boat




The next two items are carousels.
The first is a corgi carousel that I no longer have as space is limited.
Corgi carousel pic:


corgi carousel




This one is a Mr Christmas carousel.
This plays 20 fairground favourites and 20 Christmas tunes.


Follow the link to see the video:




Pic of Mr Christmas carousel:


mr christmas carousel


Mr Christmas Parachutes


Mr Christmas Parachutes


Mr Christmas Skating Rink


Mr Christmas Skating Rink


Stephensons Rocket


Stephensons Rocket


This time I am showing some old money.

A set of coins from the year I was born, 1964, a set of coins from 1971 when we changed to the money we use today.

And the last 1 is of some old paper money.

Do you remember the green £1 note.


I have more old coins to display but we are still sorting mounts for them.